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Tracy’s High Fiber Food Processor

At Tracy’s Juice Culture, we blend our nutritional juices on the spot and we are not just serving you the typical fruit juices. We ensure that you receive the optimum level of dietary fiber contained in a drink by using Tracy’s recommended food processor. Moreover, we would add water to flush out any fiber remains at the end of the blending process and you receive those fibers in the end product.

Tracy favors the O2 High Fiber Food Processor as it retains 80% of foods’ dietary fiber and at least 95% of their natural nutrients. Another amazing feature is that it is capable of preparing both hot and cold beverages/soups.

What is High Fiber Processing Method?

During the process, all the essential ingredients will be struck at uniquely designed filter in the food processor. The blade will then spin at the rate of 26,000 rpm, thus allowing disintegration, and filtration. Oxygen from the air will be absorbed and mixed with the juice in the food processor and subsequently retaining the freshness and nutrients.

Active oxygen can slow down the decomposition of fruits and vegetables, preserving its freshness during the blending process. Once decomposition takes place, food will turn bitter. For instance comparison, preparing apple juice with a conventional blender will result in faster oxidization; turning brownish; than to Tracy’s recommended food processor due to the active oxygen effect. Besides, the refined fiber can be drunk in full without any wastage.

Comparison Chart

Tracy’s “Food For Thought”

Higher Intake of Dietary Fiber

Dietary Fiber is found in all plant foods and is responsible for the delivery of food through the digestive system – easing bowel movements. Furthermore, studies have shown that consumption of fiber reduces cholesterol levels and risks of developing colon cancer.

Objections to Fruit Concentrates

Concentrates are highly processed which contains less original fiber and nutrients from fresh fruits. Experts have mention that such juice contains more sugar than soft drinks and can lead to diabetes.

Organic vs Conventional

Convention foods are farmed with aids of pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides. To extend the shelf lives and enhance the taste of such foods, they contain artificially additives and are highly processed. In turn, you gain negative ingredients such as trans fat and MSG in your diet.

Organic foods are all natural. They spend a minimal time in storage thus no preservatives used and they taste just as natural as they were farmed. You get only natural sweetness and natural freshness.

Antioxidants = Anti Aging

Antioxidants can naturally be found in certain fruits and vegetables like pomegranates. They are proven to protect human cells from oxidative damage – damage due to aging.

Detailed benefits include:

  • Higher immune resistance to flues, viruses, and inflections
  • Reduction in incidence of most cancers
  • Prevention of muscular degeneration (Chronic Eye Disease)
  • Decreased risk of heart disease

Whole Grains Contains More

Fruits and vegetables contain beneficial nutrients, Whole Grains contains much more! In fact, whole grains have valuable antioxidants that are not present in some fruits and vegetables. In January 2005, one of the new dietary guidelines set by the US government recommends that all adults to have at least 3 servings of whole grains a day.

Being benefited as a Vegan

Health benefits are the biggest benefit that a vegetarian will get. With core benefits of weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and the prevention of cancer. Being a vegan does not equate to deficiency in nutrients that are found in poultry meats and these nutrients are substitutable with various other vegetarian foods such as bean curd and beans.